• 13.10 2017 > 18.02 2018 – Magritte, Broodthaers & contemporary art
  • 13.10 2017 > 18.02 2017 – Magritte et Marcel Lecomte 



Magritte, Broodthaers & contemporary art

Fifty years ago, on 15 August 1967, René Magritte, a major artist of the Belgian and international art scene died. The work of Magritte still influences many contemporary artists today.

To mark the anniversary, the exhibition of the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium will focus first on the dialogue that Marcel Broodthaers started with Magritte’s work in 1964 and secondly show the works of artists who, since the 80s, have been inspired by the artist’s ‘vache’ period.

The influence of the ‘word-paintings’ (1927-1929) both in Belgium and the United States contributed to the emergence of Conceptual art. The Magritte-Broodthaers relationship developed at the end of Wold War II. At a time when Magritte intended to redefine Surrealism by positioning it in ‘full sunlight’ during his ‘Renoir’ period. This period ended with the series of works described as ‘vache’ which were exhibited in Paris in 1948. This trashing of painting by painting itself in an exuberant gesture marked and still marks much of the contemporary creation. Far from the search for critical knowledge that was at the heart of the Magritte-Broodthaers axis, the aim here is to re-establish the supremacy of the subject, if only in an ironic way.

From Georges Condo to Gavin Turk, from Sean Landers to David Altmejd, the work of Magritte constitutes a major reference for any artist who intends to reflect on the production of images, the representation or transposition of reality under the sign of similarity.

The exhibition is exceptionally open 7 days a week.

Only for this occasion, the Magritte Museum will open every day from 13.10.2017 to 18.02.2018 (including Mondays).

Magritte et Marcel Lecomte

Marcel Lecomte, writer, art critic who worked at the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium was part of the first circle of surrealists in Belgium and helped Magritte to find his path. It was thanks to him that Magritte discovered the work of Giorgio De Chirico that would revolutionize his vision of painting. A great complicity also linked him to Broodthaers who immortalized him shortly before his death. In addition to their relationship, the exhibition will feature Lecomte’s unpublished texts about Magritte and the correspondence between these two friends and accomplices.

To accompany this exhibition, the RMFAB will publish a new Cahier des Musées devoted to ‘Marcel Lecomte’. Authors: Philippe Dewolf, Paul Aron + texts from Marcel Lecomte, Jacques Van Lennep and Suzanne Houbart.




“The Fall of the Rebel Angels” & Bruegel Box – Immersive Art Experience

bruegel box

The Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium present the results of several years of research on the work of Pieter Bruegel the Elder. This research has made it possible to unveil the secrets of some fantastic creatures and enigmatic objects in The Fall of the Rebel Angels. This painting is a reflection on the potential danger of the human quest for art, knowledge and politics, a universal theme which is stronger than ever. The findings of this research can be found in a book and in a series of slide shows focussing on the work of Bruegel. Thanks to a new multimedia system, the visitor can enter Bruegel’s universe and discover his original vision close to the culture of the cabinets of curiosities and the excitement for New World discoveries at the time.

Did you know? The Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium own the second biggest collection of Bruegel works in the world after the Kunsthistorisches Museum – Wien (Vienna- Austria).