General information

However you want to experience the Museums, there is a place for you as a member of the Friends.

Unlimited admission to the collections and discounts are just the beginning.

Friends provide essential support to the missions of the Museums:

The Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium

more than 20,000 artworks, 6 museums:

  • muséefin-de-sièclemuseum
  • muséemagrittemuseum
  • muséeoldmastersmuseum
  • muséemodernmuseum
  • muséewiertzmuseum
  • muséemeuniermuseum

10 curators, custodians and 100 technicians, 60 guides and leaders

More than 3000 Friends of the Museums

100 volunteers worked more than 20,000 hours in 2016.

Educateam, the educational department of the Museum give schools the chance to discover the Museums and organise a wide variety of activities for kids, youngsters and adults.

The four distinct programs – Comet, Equinox, Sign Language and Sesame – listed under the name of “Made to Measure Museum” target people who for various reasons have little contact with either art or museums: immigrants, adults in literacy programs, youth in reinsertion programs, mentally handicapped people, homeless people, psychiatric patients, blind and visually impaired people, deaf and hearing impaired people …

  • Equinox for the blind and visually impaired: see by touching and feeling
  • Sign Language for the deaf and hearing impaired: hear by seeing
  • Comet for the mentally and physically disabled: contemplation and discovery
  • Sesame opening the Museum for the economically and culturally disadvantaged

Four great reasons to Become a Friend and receive numerous advantages!