In the Eye of the StormĀ : Modernism in Ukraine


October 19, 2023 to January 28, 2024

The exhibition will bring together a group of works on loan from several leading Ukrainian museums, including the National Art Museum of Ukraine (Namu) and the State Museum of Theatre, Music and Cinema of Ukraine, which were brought out in extremis from Kiev, bombed by the Russian army, in November 2022.
Modernism in Ukraine aims to show the singularity of Ukrainian artists in the history of art. These paintings, associated with the currents of Byzantine renovation, cubofuturism, suprematism and constructivism, were painted in a troubled period, encompassing the end of the Russian Empire, the First World War, the short-lived Ukrainian independence and the creation of the Soviet Union. Colorful and incorporating elements of Ukrainian folklore and popular culture, they are also part of the country’s identity.